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If you're planning a celebration, conference or event in Omaha, our CVB Sales Staff is here to support you every step of the way. With our strong knowledge of the area and our unparalleled event-planning expertise, you can be confident our Sales Staff has you covered when you meeting in Omaha.. Get in touch with us today to start your planning process.
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Cathy Keller
Vice President of Sales
Location: Same as DMO
Omaha has this magnetic personality that attracts people and makes them fans for life. One visit and you’re hooked
Bill Slovinski
Sales Manager
Market: Group Tour and Military/Family/Class Reunions
Location: Same as DMO
Omaha’s central location makes it easy and affordable for people to meet in the middle.
Kenzie Coleman
Sales Manager
Market: Fraternal, Religious, and 150 or less on peak
Location: Same as DMO
Mark Rath
Assistant Director of Sales
Market: Agriculture, Scientific/Engineering, Sports
Territory: West Coast
Location: Same as DMO
What makes Omaha so cool is that it’s a pivotal player in both agriculture and technology. People here work with their hands and their ingenuity
call me402-444-3298
Matt Heck
National Sales Manager
Territory: East Coast
Location: Same as DMO
call me402-444-4667
Nichole Beran
National Sales Manager
Market: Health/Medical and Education
Territory: Midwest
Location: Same as DMO
As a young professional living in Omaha, you can let your imagination run wild and know there’s no limit. How fun is that!