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CVB Sales Staff | Louisville CVB (KY)

Who are YOUR customers? Our Louisvilel CVB Sales Staff wants to learn your group’s goals and priorities. We want to become part of the team…YOUR TEAM, Proactive, strategic and solution-oriented….we are here for YOU, delivering an experience that exceeds expectations…for you and your attendees.
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Doug Bennett
Sr. VP of Convention Development
Market: All Markets
Territory: All
Location: Same as DMO
Andrea Hamblen
NationalConvention Sales Manager
Market: 300 on Peak and below; Sports, Trade Bus., Commercial; Hobby; Direct Selling
Territory: 301 and above on Peak -- Agriculture, Fraternal, Veterans
Location: Same as DMO
Angi Van Berg
Vice President of Trade Show Sales
Market: Trade, Business & Commercial- Annual Shows
Location: Same as DMO
Dana Baldwin
Sales Manager
Market: Under 301 on Peak: Sports; Trade,Business Commercial; Hobby; Direct Selling
Location: Same as DMO
David Kinney
Director of Midwest Convention Sales
Market: All Markets in IL, MI, MO, KS, NE, IA, WI, IN, MN
Territory: Midwest
Location: Chicago
Lead generator for all Market Segments including Conference Direct, Conferon, Smith Bucklin & HelmsBriscoe offices in the Midwest.
Gen Howard
Senior Sales Manager
Market: Sports & Athletics
Jessica Dillree
Marketing COmmunications manager
Location: Same as DMO
Kate Burger
Senior Sales Manager
Market: 301 Peak & Above -Educational, Cultural, Labor Unions
Territory: National
Location: Same as DMO
Lisa LeCompte
Sr. Sales Manager
Market: Medical, Scientific, Engineering, Hobby
Location: Same as DMO
Mae Bower
Senior Sales Manager
Market: State
Location: Same as DMO
Peggy Riley
Director of Southeast Sales
Market: Multicultural and Southeast Territory
Territory: National
Location: Same as DMO
Regina Rink
Dir. of Northeast Sales
Market: Field Support in All Markets
Territory: Northeast
Location: Washington, DC
Susan Sauer
Senior Sales Manager
Market: Religious; Social Welfare
Location: Same as DMO