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January 2016: The All New MINT+ Now Live!

Transcript: January 2016 Announcement

Hi my name is Shimo and I'm the Managing Director of the empowerMINT initiative for DMAI. Welcome to MINT+. empowerMINT is comprised of two products: first empowerMINT.com the meeting planners web portal of a hundred and fifty destinations and our blog which houses thousands of articles used to educate planners on the DMO value proposition, and secondly the product now referred to MINT+.

In this video I'm going to explain what is different about MINT+ and what to expect to find, not only today, but in the near future, and I'll point you to where you can receive more detailed training and information

So what's different? First, let me start with what hasn't changed. MINT+ is your database and it reflects the collaborative nature of our industry to share bookings and histories for prospecting. When you subscribe to empowerMINT, which includes access to MINT+, you agree to routinely post bookings and histories. Then, what is different? It is not only the look and feel, and the fact that we have one reorganized our MINT data, but we have also licensed data from our new partner Columbia Books Information Services (CBIS).

We reconstructed both the global search bar and the query builder to look at both databases for a comprehensive search result. CBIS’s core competency is keeping directories and databases updated, and they owned and managed several products that many of you have subscribed to over the years, including salesman's guide and the national trade publications directory. Both of these databases contained information you found valuable in your prospecting efforts, so we decided to bring this information right into MINT. This is the first time we have accepted external information. Historically, we have been a database exclusive to bookings and history data each of you have posted either manually or through your CRM connection.

Now as you navigate MINT+, we have differentiated the data sources for your reference. You'll notice that we have identified MINT+ data with blue bars and CBIS data with red bars. You can see that CBIS is additional data, and that CBIS data does not appear on every MINT+ record because the two databases are not one hundred percent matched. However, on those organizations we have matched, we have illustrated the data from both for a combined view, since neither database contains a complete picture of the organization.

The power really comes from this s combined and perhaps more complete view. For example, you might see missing years in a MINT history, but by looking below in the CBIS date you could see where and when the same meeting occurred that was not reported in MINT. So, this combined view of meetings data is much more useful than looking at just one data source.

So what can you expect in future? Phase I integration marked the completion of deduplication of organizations (about 7,000) matched between MINT+ and CBIS and a new look and feel to how the data is presented. CBIS has also updated the organization information for over 6,000 organizations, and updated contact information for over 4,700 contacts. They also added 7,500 new contacts we've never had before, and delivered over 34,000 pieces of CBIS meetings data.

Now this meetings data is not as detailed as what you're used to looking at in MINT, and does not include pick up information and exhibit space, but it does contain information about rotations and where the meeting were held.

We are just getting started! We will begin in February to license data on CBIS unmatched organizations, which will represent organizations, contacts, and meeting preferences that do not exist in the database today. This interface will be ongoing and will include the routine update and verification on MINT and CBIS records.

Before I conclude this welcome video I did want to make sure you take advantage of three things. One, visit at the training area at the top of the page and register for either a MINT admin or MINT sales training live webinar. Secondly, check out the How To section to learn how to do a specific task, and finally give us feedback. Please point out, in the Help Us Improve at the bottom of the page, if you run across something that isn't right, like a duplicate contact or record. Thank you for tuning in and we hope that MINT+ helps you have a very productive 2016.

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