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February 2016: Find Out About the 8,000+ NEW Organizations Just Added!

Transcript: February 2016 Announcement

Hello, my name is Shimo and I'm the Managing Director for both of DMAI products empowerment.com and the Event Impact Calculator. In this short video, I will share with you the latest release MINT+ enhancements. As you probably understand by now, the empowerment initiative works to educate planners on the value of working with CVBs in the meetings market.

This subscription is comprised of two products bundled in one subscription. The first product is empowerMINT.com, which is a meeting planner web portal aggregating over a 150 destinations profile with content planners have told us they care about. Now aggregating the CVB's together enables us to populate many other planner facing websites such as MPI, HelmsBriscoe’s intranet, Cvent, and Successful Meetings. There are more planner websites to come!

The second product is our historical database today it's called MINT+ and the “plus” stands for the most recent enhancements we have made as of January, 2016. If you want to learn more about the specific enhancements that rolled out in January, I encourage you to watch the January update to understand about our new partner Columbia Books Information Services (CBIS).

I'm going to briefly revisit the January release. The January integration marked the completion of deduplication of organizations, about 7,000, matched between MINT+ and CBIS and a new look and feel to how the data is presented. CBIS has also updated the organization information for over 6,000 organizations, and updated contact information for over 4,700 contacts. They also added 7,500 new contacts we've never had before, and delivered over 34,000 pieces of CBIS meetings data.

Now the February release expands the MINT+ database by adding CBIS organizations not previously found in MINT, and presumably also new to working with CVBS since they have never been reported in MINT before. We have added over 8,300 organizations, with over 11,000 new contacts and over 37,000 meeting occurrences to those organizations, so now CVB sales professionals will have a robust database of over 30,800 organizations for their search for query to enhance prospecting efforts

To make sure you're taking full advantage of MINT+, I encourage you to join your CVB colleagues and register for one of our many complimentary MINT+ or MINT Admin trainings. You can find them listed in the training section of the database. I thank you for being part of our industry's collaborative empowerMINT initiative, and if you're not a subscriber and want to take advantage of this collective power of our industry contact us to find out more information. Again, this is Shimo, wishing you much success in your prospecting.

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