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When you plan your meeting on Galveston Island, you’ve got seasoned professionals partnering with you. From securing your venue and accommodations, to suggesting itineraries, our dedicated CVB Sales Staff of insiders will ensure that no detail is overlooked.
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Meg Winchester, CMP
Location: Same as DMO
Galveston Island is a beautiful beach destination with state of the art facilities, historic charm, a variety of attractions, great dining.
Antoinette Lynch
Destination Services Coordinator-Site Services
Location: Same as DMO
Bryan Kunz
Sports and Events Manager
Market: sports
Location: Same as DMO
Ciara Basile
National Sales Manager
Location: Same as DMO
Diana Denby
Destination Services Coordinator-Engagement Services
Location: Same as DMO
Dottie Bossley
Regional Director of Sales
Location: Same as DMO
Jacquelyn Helton
Development Manager
Location: Same as DMO
Melody Smith
Director of Marketing
Location: Same as DMO
Tiffaney Gonzales
Sales Manager
Location: Same as DMO