Admin Clarifications and FAQ

#1 Lost Password? Can't Remember Password?

Passwords are recovered by email. Please enter a valid email address and submit. Follow the supplied link from the confirmation email you will receive to reset your password.


#2 Admin Roles Defined?

"Admin": Receive new lead notifications, access to add / edit destination profile and users.

"Sales Staff": Receive leads forwarded by admin, respond to and manage leads, profile displayed on Destination Experts page.

"Sales Leader": Generally the director of sales or vice president of sales, same access as sales staff, profile displayed on Destination Profile homepage, headshot required.


#3 How do I convert an image to RGB and why do I need to?

Details: RGB is the only online-safe color mode. Not all browsers are capable of displaying the extreme gamut of colors within a CMYK image. In order for your image to display properly (especially in Internet Explorer) you must convert the image to RGB color mode.
HOW TO: Open the image in photoshop. Go to the top menu and select "Image" -> "Mode" -> "RGB". Then save and upload the image.


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