San Diego, CASan Diego Tourism Authority

CVB Services


Relationship with the convention center: The CVB represents the convention center

Request for Proposal (RFP) Distribution Method: Sends leads to only qualified or requested hotels and venues

Site Inspection Services

Establishes itinerary for planner: Always

Provides airfare to destination site: Based on Size

Confirms hotel appointments and accommodations, and arranges for on-site transportation: Always

Accompanies planner on hotel and destination venue site visits: Always

Event and Off Site Selection Support

Provides recommendations to planner and sends leads to CVB members providing group related services: destination management companies (DMCs), transportation companies, restaurants, golf courses, other meeting related service providers: Always

Exhibitor programs: familiarization trips, education, sites for ICW: Always

Attendance Promotion

Maps and general destination information: Always

Small logoed promotional items: Based on Fee

Customized landing page or link on destination website: Based on Size

Destination video: Always

Assist with sponsorship from local companies that partner with groups for exposure during the meeting: Based on Size

Destination representative to promote next year's meeting: Based on Size

Destination materials to promote next year's meeting: Based on Fee

Political /Community Liaison

Local contacts: political, education, industry: Always

Connections for social responsibility projects: Always

Public Relations Services

Connections to local media: Always

On-Site Services

Registration support: Based on Fee

Meet and greet services: Based on Fee

Welcome desk/hospitality: Based on Fee

Local signage and banners: airport, downtown, etc.: Based on Size

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