Boise CVB ID

1261 hotel rooms within one mile of convention center

Boise offers first-class accommodations and meeting space, exciting activities and fine dining, all at affordable prices. The downtown convention center, Boise Centre, features over 50,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, with an additional 36, 000 square feet expansion opening in September 2016 and over 800 adjacent hotel rooms within a 2-3 block radius. The Boise area will be adding over 500 additional rooms (440 of which will be located downtown within walking distance of the Boise Centre convention & event center) by the end of 2017. Culture and entertainment exist in harmony with abundant outdoor recreation. One of America's safest cities, Boise is an exciting place to visit and feels a little like everyone's hometown. Our rare blend of urban amenities and outdoor recreation opportunities offers something for everyone.

Boise Fast Facts

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Boise CVB ID
250 S. 5th Street, Ste. 300, Boise, ID 83702

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Type of Destination Experience:
Capital City, College Town, Historic, Mountain, Urban

GSF Exhibit Space (Expo Idaho): 75,000

Meeting Space, Square Feet (Boise Centre): 50,000

Largest Ballroom, Square Feet (Expo Idaho): 35,000

Sleeping Rooms in largest hotel (The Riverside Hotel): 303

Hotel adjacent to convention facility: Yes

Hotel rooms within one mile of convention center: 1,261

Boise Airport

Miles to downtown 4

Cities with non-stop flights20

International cities with direct flights0

Geographic Areas Served:


Why Meet in Boise

Once visitors arrive in Boise, they are often sold on the convenience, pedestrian friendly, accessible community filled with amenities. In 2017 three new hotels will be added to the city's downtown core. The addition of these hotels coupled with the expansion of the Boise Centre create a great opportunity for Boise to be the site for more meetings, events and conventions.

Boise experiences all four seasons and each season has something for everyone. In the spring golf and ski fans rejoice! The ability to golf during the day and ski at night, just 16 miles from downtown at Bogus Basin Ski Area is a huge draw for our golf and ski fanatics. Long summer days last until 10:00 p.m. allowing for biking, rafting, concerts and outdoor dining for those who want to experience a little bit of everything. Enjoy running, biking or walking along our 25 mile greenbelt path that runs along the Boise River, located in the heart of the city on a beautiful fall morning before heading to the Boise State Football game that evening. In winter you can find tracks in the snow just miles outside of downtown from snowshoes, snowboards, downhill skis, cross-country skis and even bicycles with tires made specifically to navigate the snow. Each season brings adventure in Boise!

In the last couple of years Boise's Airport has focused on expanding non-stop service and adding a local touch. There are twenty cities with direct flights into Boise, sixty flights in and out each day and all Boise area hotels offer free airport shuttles. When walking through the terminal, you will find local Boise vendors operating restaurants and shops. These efforts have made a significant impact on visitors and locals who fly through Boise.

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